Fire only goes where fuels, wind, and topography allows it to. Even though we cant do anything about the wind or the topography in our area we can definitely do something about the amount of fuels around your home in order to create a defensible space. Defensible space will not make your home fireproof, however it will increase the odds of you home making it through a wildfire. We accomplish this by creating a separation distance between fuels and you home, remove brush in order to break up its overall continuity, remove ladder fuels under and near trees, and raise the canopy base height of trees. By taking these steps the intensity of a wildfire on your property will be greatly reduced. Let us help you make your  home firewise, or if you have any questions do not hesitate to call.Let us help you firewise you home in Prescott.

  • Free firewise consultation and assessment.
  • Fuels reduction work on vacant lots.
  • Fuels reduction work around your home in order to make it firewise.
  • Tree removal.
  • Chipping and hauling.